About Us

We are Sarah and Brian and we live in Eaton Colorado with our three children, two cats, and our dogs Roxy the beagle, and Zeus the chihuahua miniature pinscher mix. We have been doing dog boarding out of our home for three years and love it. We plan to someday purchase land that will allow us to grow our business and have even more room for all of our four legged friends to run and play. I grew up in Erie Colorado and moved to Fort Collins to attend C.S.U. Brian grew up in Boston and attended college in LA. A few years after we met we bought a house in Eaton, and we love it here. We have both had dogs our whole lives and couldn't imagine it any other way. They bring such happiness, and who can resist a wagging tail waiting for you when you get home!

Why us?

We LOVE dogs! We also know a thing or two about them. I have over ten years of experience in the pet industry, ranging from working in a pet supply store to managing a high end dog daycare and boarding facility. We enjoy having dogs in our home and we can assure they will have as much attention as possible while providing them with the best care.